About Us

Dave founded LA Training Lab in 2017 after being involved in the fitness industry for more than 10 years. Previously a collegiate baseball player while earning his degree in Kinesiology, Dave graduated and immediately immersed himself into the fitness industry. He’s been fortunate enough to have worked with a variety of demographics and different focuses thus finally sparking his interest to build his own facility.

At LA Training Lab, we believe that with the right motivation and design ANYONE can change the way they move and feel. Dave’s vision for The Lab is to develop a specific and knowledgeable fitness program for each individual with the intention to strengthen the relationships between mind, body and community.

LA Training Lab is a place for all people to be able to improve movement, overall health, and performance. This is a team that will keep you accountable and help you set short term intentions to support consistent progression.

Performing movement should be FUN. At LA Training Lab we put an emphasis on this while still maintaining challenge and safety in each session.