Small Group Training

Our Small Group Training classes are open daily. Attendance in each class ranges anywhere from 3-12 members. Each class features a custom high-intensity interval training catered to each group specifically.

A high-intensity interval training is a high energy, full body, small group coaching and conditioning program. The session incorporates metabolic training, dynamic strength exercises and explosive cardio movements to increase endurance and stamina. It’s designed to target multiple energy systems in an efficient and intense workout format.

This science based exercise circuit changes daily and is designed and developed by our very own David Kaczor, Owner and Trainer.

Personal Training

With personal training, we track every workout and exercise that each client completes. We keep track of weight and measurements, nutrition and food in-take as well as any discomforts and injuries. New members will go through a full body assessment to measure body composition, cardiovascular capacity, and strength levels in lower body, upper body and core. This allows our trainers to create soft perimeters for safe movement while designing each clients personal program to get the most out of each session.

Semi-Personal Training

Workout with a friend(s)!

We’ve developed our semi-personal training programs with a dynamic warm-up a custom program based on your goals and a conditioning based finisher. All done in 60 minutes.

Semi-personal training sessions are offered for groups between 2-6 people per session. We create a specific program design catered to your goals and deliver a “take-home” workout plan for you to utilize as well.