Dave does not believe in the ‘one size fits all’, or the standard factory style workout model.

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Dave Kaczor is an Exercise Physiologist who works with people of all ages to perform movement properly. With a degree in kinesiology and his experience as a collegiate athlete he has the knowledge base to design a program for all of our clients specific needs. Whether you are a senior citizen struggling with knees and hips, a corporate executive with limited hours and a full schedule, or a high level athlete, we can give you an exercise program that will be most beneficial to you individually.

As the Head Varsity Baseball Coach at Chatsworth High school he specializes in athletic development and recovery. Dave has a tremendous amount of experience in corrective movements and post rehab programs as well.

“I love creating relationships through movement and fitness. The Training Lab is a place for people who are in pursuit of of a better them. It’s a fun motivating environment where all people are welcome to create their own fitness story.”