Shavon is our behind the scenes specialist taking care of all things Training Lab, including our members and staff.

Shavon first approached our lead trainer Dave in January of 2018 inspired to make a real change. Having been overweight her entire life, she continually gave every effort towards creating a healthier lifestyle. However, like many, Shavon’s self doubt and unrealistic expectations plagued her attempts and kept her in this repetitive cycle.

She went into her first training session with an open mind and was taken back by the genuine positivity and attention she received. Dave didn’t go easy on her, she was pushed and tested harder than she’d ever been before but after completing her first session, though exhausted, her spirits were soaring high. Her belief and confidence in Dave and LA Training Lab started that first session and has flourished into a business partnership.

Now, as co-owner of LA Training Lab, Shavon leads the staff with her same soaring spirits  and serves as an encouragement to us all.